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Carpet Cleaning


Mr. Ron Stevenson, the owner of Soften That Spot is the carpet & upholstery-cleaning specialist. He uses a very powerful, commercial freestanding machine to extract and dislodge all dirt and grime from your carpet. He treats each spot and troubled area along with heavy traffic areas by hand with an environmentally friendly enzyme and then cleans the whole carpet. If need be he will retreat these troubled areas to ensure as good as clean as possible. When he is finished he rakes the carpet with a special tool to ensure quick and even drying. The drying time can range from 3 to 6 hours, depending on the type of carpet you have. Mr. Stevenson does not leave the carpets soaking wet. His cleaning system and the quality extraction he uses only leaves as much moisture to dry as your particular carpet fibers absorb. Thus, the varying drying times. For example: Wool carpet dries very quickly due to it's thick nature and Berber carpets also dries very quickly because of it's short pile.


Upholstery Cleaning


Upholstery cleaning is far more labour intensive and takes longer to clean. All fabrics are not made equal therefore spot treatment takes longer to complete. Also, there are often many different styles of pieces of upholstery that require more time. Additional cushions on chairs, sofas, and loveseats and fabric skirts surrounding their bottom are just a few. Again, the spots are treated by hand and rubbed with a fine horsehair brush to remove as effectively as possible. Then a complete clean is done using a smaller upholstery tool with a finer spray. Drying time varies according to each and every fabric.


Deodorizer & Disinfectant


Two additional products we offer with carpet and upholstery cleaning are a deodorizer and disinfectant. It is an environmentally, user friendly product that helps remove dust mites, food odours and pet odours from your carpets and furniture. The other product is scotch guard, a carpet & furniture protector. On the carpet it is put on using a fine spray and on furniture it is put on by hand.


Mr. Stevenson also cleans leather furniture - light coloured or dark. By doing so he removes any dirt that has built up on the surface and leaves the leather soft and supple.